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With the virtual class, teachers can easily keep a class book and a class calendar, join a virtual school, and manage their own class and / or school library.
Teachers can record activities and homework in the class book, students can then view this information at school or from home.
Teachers can enter, manage and print out absences of pupils in the class register.
With the class book, teachers can also enter and manage students and teachers as well as subjects and timetables.
Teachers can record important dates of the class in the calendar, all members of the class can then view this information at school or from home.
Via the Schule Web-App teachers can combine their virtual class with other virtual classes to form a virtual school. Within a school, content, resources and attitudes can also be shared.
Teachers can manage their own class or school libraries. The web app supports barcode readers, information on books can be collected automatically via the Internet, the rental can be managed, and the library offers an online search and it can also be easily made publicly available on your own class or school website .
All content is stored in the cloud and is therefore always and everywhere available for all members of the virtual class.
The corresponding web apps are in the third row in your virtual class:
  • With the class book you can enter what was done on each school day, enter homework for your pupils, enter and print absenteeism, manage your pupils and teachers (including printing lists and labels, creating groups, random generator, ...), enter subjects and timetables (including A / B weeks), and much more ...
  • In the Calendar web app, as a teacher you can enter and manage the activities and appointments of your class, such as visits, excursions, tests, or parent talks. The entered dates are visible to all members of your class and can also be published on the class or school website.
  • The Schule -App connects your class with your school - resources and settings can be shared, data exchange is simplified, and your class can be easily integrated into a school website.
  • With the library teachers can manage their own class or school library, including support for barcode readers and automatic search for information via the Internet. Teachers and students can search the library online, and teachers can keep track of which students have borrowed which books. Several libraries can be managed in parallel, which can then also be made publicly available on their own class or school website.